Everyone has their favorite flower. I have several, and all of them happen to be white. But the one that i’m most passionate about is the white phalenenopis orchid. I love its simplicity - and its elegance. I have them throughout my homes and offices. Classic and exotic at the same time, they look good in a any setting. It’s the best gift to give, especially to yourself. Because they are a prennial herb, they last and last and last if you take care of them. FLORÉAL is my florist in New York City. For over twenty years they’ve been keeping me in orchids year round!
— Donna Karan

They know just what I love!
— Patricia Wexler
Marie brings the outside inside with beautiful greenery plants and flowers. Not only has she done our restaurants but also all of our homes. She has been essential in creating beauty in our lives.
— Gabby Karan
Max and I would like to say thank you so much for making our wedding flowers so beautiful. Thank you for your patience and for the beautiful Chuppah!
— Jenny & Max
Marie Weilman of Floréal is a kindred spirit who manages to create effortless stunning arrangements that look as though they just happened. She understands scale and volume...she is an architect of flowers, plants and branches. I first discovered her in Donna Karan’s gorgeous Urban Zen on Greenwich street and relentlessly pursued her for my projects. She has planted grasses on my terrace, window boxes of low succulent jade plants in my living room and brings biophilia to my studio.
— Clodagh
Thank you! It was an amazing event and your gorgeous touch was such an amazing addition. You are my #1!
— Zac Walker
The flowers were so beautiful and the styling of the cake, the tables, all of it was exactly how I envisioned.
— Jasmine

Let us bring your special day to life.